M-Audio professional audio interface. This is one of the best alternatives.
A classic model of an USB soundcard capable to produce high quality sound
7.1 external sound card that suits perfect for a laptop upgrade
One of the most elegant usb sound cards from Creative

External Usb Sound Cards

Upgrade your audio experience with an external sound card.

Usb sound cards are progressively gaining ground in computer's industry as an alternative solution of having a professional and high quality sound in your home or office environment.
The release of USB 2.0 technology, which is capable of transferring 480Mbps, gives manufacturers the ability to produce high quality usb sound cards and make them very competitive comparing to internal sound cards or pci sound cards as well.

One of the best companies that becomes famous through their sound cards is Creative Labs. View some great models for Gamers, home users, high quality or professional users at our Creative sound blaster review page.

When we talk about a more professional setup, people reffer to them as usb audio interfaces. In most cases audio interfaces are more advanced usb soundcards used in professional recording studios, offering pre-amplifier capabilities and great connectivity as well. They usually provide rca and audio jack (TRS) connectors in order to easily connect musical instruments or microphones.

Looking for upgrade your music experience? Here are some information that you have to keep in mind if you would like to buy an usb soundcard or upgrade your laptop sound card

  • Audio Quality
  • There is nothing inherent that makes usb sound cards worse than PCI sound cards. Comparing them to most internal sound cards that come with motherboards and laptops, they are offering a truly much better audio quality.

  • Portable audio solution
  • Usb sound cards offer great portability no matter what type of computer you use.
    That means you can easily transfer it to your home or office laptops and computers that make you capable of easily enjoying the quality of the sound they produce, from wherever you are.
    When it comes to installation, there is no easiest way of their plug and play install capabilities.

  • Accessibility - Connectivity
  • There are many users that go for it because of the simplicity in connecting to your speakers, microphones, ipods, musical instruments or other external devices. There is no reason to bend to get to your computer's back every time you want to connect an external device.
    Aside from that, I have to mention that not all external devices come with the mini jacks that every integrated sound cards use. For example most quality microphones connect through jack (TRS), that only an usb sound card can offer.

  • Electrical Interference
  • All external sound cards, no matter what connection they are using (usb,firewire), offer a great isolation from the electrical interference inside your computer's case.
    In most cases internal sound cards come with a humming backround noise in the sound, because they interfere with the cpu or the fans of the motherboard, or even with the graphic card of your system.
    You can eradicate that noise when you use any kind of external sound card.

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