M-Audio professional audio interface. This is one of the best alternatives.
A classic model of an USB soundcard capable to produce high quality sound
7.1 external sound card that suits perfect for a laptop upgrade
One of the most elegant usb sound cards from Creative

Tips on Purchasing a Laptop Sound Card

With today’s technology, you can easily turn any room into a theatre, and all you need is a good speaker system to match your laptop. Select the right laptop sound card and experience music at its best, all in the comforts of your own home. Here are few of the most important features to consider when purchasing a sound card for your laptop.

There are external devices which can be used to record or synthesize sound, and usually can be plugged in your pc through a USB port, the so called USB Sound Cards. Soundcards which make use of the PCMCIA cardbus interface has been popular in the early days of portable laptop and notebooks. These cardbus audio solutions are still used in some setups, although you can rarely find it these days. These units are usually targeted at mobile DJs, where there are options to provide split outputs as well as monitoring and playback options from system to system. USB soundcards are your cheap replacement for broken onboard sound, although the quality of these devices is at par with the one you have onboard.

Always opt for the latest version of the USB laptop sound card you are getting. Early versions of your sound card can provide better audio for your system. Different sound card brands are of different prices, but you might not want to go for the cheapest option right away, if it won’t be of any use to your laptop.

The good thing about USB laptop sound cards is that some of the latest models provide excellent sound without the need for any drivers, and allows instant recognition of some operating systems. However, you can also find specific laptop sound card that will only work with MAC or Windows or Linux. You will be surprised on how many latest sound devices are supported by Alsa if you're using an open source operating system.

The sound card functions of audio hardware may also vary. Choose the one that will meet your purpose of buying a sound card. These functions include MIDI enabled features which allows for syntheses, conversion of analog to digital signals, and connection of music instruments to your laptop. It is also capable of generating sound signals from varying digital sources. Your laptop sound card is key to enjoying high quality music, composing and editing music, as well as playing high definition games.

Also check out the brands that are available in the market, especially the ones which have created their names as leaders to manufacturing audio cards. You might want to check out our reviews and compare which products are reliable for your laptop.

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