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A sound card is a device used by a computer to process the audio signals that come in and out of it. Generally, a computer expansion card built for this purpose is responsible for making acoustic mechanisms available for use in different audiovisual software like games, music mixing, video editing and the like. Most of the computers of today no longer need a sound card because they already have its properties incorporated in their systems. However, there are still some models that need the latter to make reverberations possible. One example of an audio card is the PCI sound card, and this article will discuss how to install one.

Before installation, remember that static electricity from a person’s body can be discharged to exposed parts of a computer. Therefore, it is highly suggested for a person tinkering with his or her computer to wear an anti-static wrist band or to hold on to something grounded before touching any of its components so that his or her static currents may be discharged first. After which, turn the computer off and unplug it from the power source. Then, remove the computer’s cover, check your user manual for instructions if you don‘t know how to do it. Next, confirm the availability of a PCI slot in the motherboard. Once this is done, it is now time to install the sound card.

In most motherboards, there are typically three types of slots in which one can install certain types of things. These are the ISA, the AGP, and of course, the PCI slots. The ISA slot is commonly denoted by the color black and is the oldest type among these three. The AGP, on the other hand, is colored brown, is the newest type of slot, and is only used for installing a video card. Lastly, the PCI, or Peripheral Component Interconnect, slot is marked by the color white, and there are always more than one PCI slots in a motherboard because it is what connects the CPU to a number of gadgets and apparatus like the modem and the PCI sound card.

To install your audio card, find an empty PCI slot first. If the latter has a lid, take it off with a screwdriver. Then its time to place the audio card into the PCI slot. However, do not ever touch the PCI card’s board as doing so may cause some damages. Hold on to its edges instead. Certify that it is properly and precisely positioned by checking if it fits well into the slot. If everything is in the right spot, then its time to tighten the card with a screw. Finally, put back the computer’s cover, and you’re done with your installation.

Installing a PCI sound card is not that easy as installing an external sound card, but if you follow the instructions given here you will not have any problem. Just remember to hold on to something grounded before touching any exposed parts of your computer to reduce the risk of damage from static electricity and always unplug everything you tinker with. Keep these in mind and you’ll have a trouble free installation.

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